"I learn about myself, my strength and my limitation every time I paint and think about art, Art is a unique adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk"

Husin Hourmain's long route to fulltime painting began with studies in graphic design and photography. A lucrative career in advertising followed his graduation from the Malaysian Institute of Arts until he took up the brushes fulltime in 2003. His desire to be an artist was so strong that after eighteen years, working in advertising, Husin quit his steady job and bravely ventured into the world of fine arts as a fulltime artist. Since then Husin Hourmain never looked back and proceeded to set up his own studio. To date, he has done three solo exhibitions and numerous groupshows.

Husin is part of the " Insight " collective of artists whose members include Yusof Ghani, Suhaimi Fadzir and Shafiee Ramli. The quartet shares the common denominator of having worked in design- related fields before becoming full time artists. Today, Husin is well recognized as an abstract expressionist artist and is now focusing strongly on the development of calligraphy art. Husin's works are collected by the National Art Gallery as well as by major Malaysian corporates and private collectors.


Dzo (2011)

"Dzo" Awal Hurouf Asal Hurouf